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Inclusive padel tour

our vision

Make Padel the most inclusive sport of the future.

Our Mission

Create a padel tournament where people with and without disability can play and have fun together. 


The history of this amazing circuit began in 2021 when Alessandro Ossola, President of the Bionic People Association, realized after a padel game that by adding only one rebound for disabled players, padel could become the inclusive sport of the future.

After months of matches and training at the Robilant Sports Center in Turin, the first Italian Inclusive Padel Tour was launched involving various entities including the Bionic People Team and the Sports Promotion Association US Acli.

Since that moment, Bionic People’ guys are commited to increase the project visibility by taking part in different tournaments, many of which organized by former players including Amoruso, Budel, Totti, De Rossi, Ferrara, Vieri, Di Biagio, Corradi, Cabrini and many others.

The first stage was held in Pesaro with a good participation and a great curiosity. After Pesaro, the second stage was organized in Turin. Thanks to the increasing interest we had the honor to obtain the media coverage of RAI, the national italian television. 

The next stages will be organized in Milan, Caserta, Rome and will culminate in a special international event in Montecarlo.

Through competitions, the circuit aims to raise funds with the goal of training new players with disability and to expand the movement first at an European level and then at world level. 

Our numbers

Padel Tournaments

We organize padel tournaments in many different locations both in and out of Italy.

Sport Center

Inclusive Padel Tour has signed partnerships with various sport clubs to train disabled people.


Participation in the tournament stages allows players to earn points based on the wins and losses obtained during each of it.

Disabled Players


Padel Club


Member Testimonials

È strabiliante come uno sport così semplice possa diventare ancora più accattivante rendendolo inclusivo. Il padel è uno sport strategico dove la sintonia di coppia è fondamentale e giocare nel misto lo rende ancora più divertente, spettacolare e competitivo.

– Marco Critelli, Presidente Centro Sportivo Robilant di Torino

Il padel è divertimento e inclusione, agonismo e amicizia. Uno sport che ti dà la possibilità di misurarti ogni volta con te stesso ma anche con gli altri. Un momento di spensieratezza e allo stesso tempo di concentrazione.

– Riccardo Cotilli, Vice Presidente di Bionic People

L’inclusive pAdel tour è lo sport che abbatte le barriere nonostante sia fatto da pareti, curioso no?!

– Daniele Terenzi, Testimonial di Bionic People



Centro Sportivo Robilant, Torino (To) Italy

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