Sky, a leading pay-TV platform founded in the UK in 1989, offers diverse television programs such as movies, series, sports, and documentaries. Expanding across Europe, including Italy, Sky provides themed packages covering sports, movies, series, and children’s content. Subscribers enjoy on-demand and streaming services via Sky Go, accessible on mobile devices and Smart TVs. Notably, Sky offers exclusive sports event coverage, including Serie A, UEFA Champions League, and Formula 1.

With a wide range of content and viewing options, Sky is committed to providing a comprehensive and high-quality television experience for its subscribers. 


Powerade is a global brand of sports beverages produced by Coca-Cola. Launched in the market in 1988, Powerade has become one of the leaders in the sports beverage industry, offering a range of products designed to rehydrate and provide energy to athletes and those engaging in intense physical activities.

Powerade positions itself as an ally for athletes at every level, emphasizing its commitment to performance optimization and support for health and physical well-being.

Intesa Sanpaolo

Intesa Sanpaolo stands as one of the foremost Italian banks and one of the largest in Europe. Established in 2007 through the merger of Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMI, it has emerged as a cornerstone of the financial sector in Italy and beyond its national borders.

The bank also endeavors in social responsibility and environmental sustainability initiatives, striving to make a positive impact on the communities in which it operates.

Sara Assicurazioni

The Sara Group is the official company of the Automobile Club Italia (ACI), which is the largest independent association of citizens.

Sara Assicurazioni positions itself as a point of reference for families, professionals, and SMEs, thanks to a range of insurance products that cater to all needs related to personal security, asset protection, and quality of life.

Decathlon Kuikma

Kuikma is part of the Decathlon group, a significant international retailer of sports equipment, and is a brand of sports equipment specializing primarily in padel. It offers a wide range of products, including rackets, protective gear, clothing, and accessories for this sport.

The brand is known for its attention to design, performance, and durability of its products, aiming to meet the needs of players at all levels, from beginners to professionals.



Us Acli is an Italian amateur sports association, affiliated with ACLI, which promotes sports activities and well-being through a wide range of disciplines. Founded with the aim of fostering social inclusion through sports, Us Acli offers participation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Their mission is to promote values such as fair play, solidarity, and mutual respect, contributing to the improvement of quality of life through sports and physical activity. 

Sport e Salute

Sport e Salute is an online platform that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle through physical activity and sports. It offers a wide range of resources, information, and tools to encourage people to adopt healthier and more active lifestyles.

Sport e Salute is committed to raising awareness about the beneficial effects of regular physical activity and balanced nutrition, promoting an active lifestyle as fundamental for disease prevention and improving quality of life.



Centro Sportivo Robilant, Torino (To) Italy

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